90 % of all Equine Uvitis cases I've been seeing is due to Head Trauma , that causes the Life Force or Chi to be misaligned and changed from poisitive to negative energy flow into and out of every cell of every organ, thus weakening all organ systems. The Liver and the digestive organs are energetically linked to the eyes .These weakened organs manifest in uveitis pathologies. These horses MUST have their Chi realigned with a specific 3 bottle set of Homeopathic Jarquin Remedies. Please read my article on Head Trauma at These must be given first before any other treatment. Then follow my Detox/Support/Prevention program.

Definition -    Uveitis is an inflammation of the iris of the eye. However, commonly other structures of the eye are also involved: the choroid, and the ciliary body (cyclitis).  

Causes -   can be from foreign body penetration, severe laceration or contusion of the eyeball, or in the course of certain systemic infections such as Leptospirosis Pomona, sepsis and autoimmune reactions. 

Symptoms - acute onset, photophobia (shuns direct sunlight), blepharospasm (eyelids tightly held shut), excessive tearing and pain. Horses are quiet and depressed. Congestion of the whites of the eye, with cloudiness of the cornea and swelling of the iris may be detected. The pupil constricts and becomes pinpoint. Clumps of leukocytes (white blood cells from the blood) may appear as small white clumps floating in the liquid within the anterior chamber of the eye behind the cornea.

Complications - untreated, adhesions of the iris can form to block intraocular drainage and produce secondary glaucoma and swelling of the eye globe. Precipitates in the fluid in the posterior chamber behind the iris appear when the ciliary body and choroids are inflamed. Both sequelae interfere with vision and are very painful. 

Orthodox treatment:

  1. Use of topical and systemic antibiotic medications is employed when treating iridocyclitis. Corticosteroids may be used with antibiotic therapy to reduce inflammation.
  2. Topical eye drops to dilate the pupil and prevent adhesions of the iris to the eye
  3. Pain relief with injectable Meperidine (Demerol) or corticosteroid-aspirin combinations.

Holistic Treatment:

On two levels of involved pathology: the physical and the electromagnetic energy levels of the body: 

Physical: includes my Detoxification and Support Program since many pathologies occur from the immune system and organ weaknesses from chemical, and past vaccination affects:

  1. 3 bottle Detox homeopathy to cleanse system of heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides. The horses' diet especially is contaminated with the heavy metal Aluminum
  2. Stop giving drug vaccines, detox noxious affects of  past vaccinations given,  with my Detox Horse nosode, Detox Horse WNV nosode, and Detox Horse Potomac Fever nosode. Then use the same Detox nosodes to strengthen the EMF to keep the animal healthy and strong.
  3. Leptospirosis Pomona Homeopathic Nosode 3 bottle Set 12x, 30C, 60C specifically for Uveitis caused by this bacteria.
  4. Supportive homeopathic remedies: Female Eye Iris Inflammation Support 100C or  Male Eye iris Inflammation Support 100C. To be used concurrently with above 3 remedies.
  5. New Life Bovine Colostrum the horse's immune system
  6. If there are corneal opacities give 3 bottle Homeopathic Cataract remedies
  7. Aerobic Oxygen 7 drops in drinking water to increase e oxygenation of the tissues of the eye to repair efficiently.
  8. Have a baseline Hair Analysis done of your horse to detect the levels of heavy metals and imbalances in nutritional minerals and electrolytes. This gives us a good basis of what to supplement and guide to potencies of Detox Metals that have to be given.  I have found Horses that are older than 7 years of age, require Detox remedies at 200C, 400c, and 600C or higher depending on the number of years of accumulations in the tissues.
Electromagnetic Field Energy Support: 
  1. Measure and purchase my Healing Halter for the Horse. This is a must in all healing. Please see section dealing with the 6 Healing Factors built into this halter and the 20 years testimonials from satisfied animal owners.
  2. Blue Color Therapy: Continuously shine a 25 watt clear blue colored light bulb no more than 3 feet from horses's body, and tie dark blue ribbons in mane and tail. This color energy vibration helps to reduce inflammation and pain.

 Prevention of re-exposure to toxins in diet and vaccines: 

  1. I recommend treating only with homeopathic vaccinosis nosodes. The Detox Horse Vaccinosis 30C after cleansing past vaccinations affects can be used to stimulate immunity. It comes with directions how to use as a vaccination program.
  1. Stop feeding alfalfa (concentrates aluminum), feed pasture grass, or Timothy Hay the best, and detox all cereal supplements, hay and foodstuffs with my Detox Blue Green Paper, and Newsletter #7 How To Detoxify the Food and Water. You can read about color energy fields and their affects in the Research section of this website.

Case Study "Patches"  23 year old  female pony  with bilateral severe Uveitis and chronic history of universal allergies:  grasses, weeds,  trees, foods, molds, , insects, pine shavings and jute/sisal.   Orthodox treatment employed using steroid injections directly inside eye globe + antibiotics. One eye became blind, but at time of my consultation, Patch could see somewhat out of the other eye, despite some cloudiness to the cornea. Following is her Hair Analysis 3 weeks into my recommended holistic treatment. We were unable to have a Hair Analysis at the beginning of the treatment which I'm sure would have shown more severe accumulations of heavy metals and imbalances in the nutritional minerals and electrolytes. Please note: toxic levels of all heavy metals, with extremely high copper (Cu) and aluminum levels.

Note deficiencies in calcium, sodium, iron, chromium and phosphorus. Note excesses in potassium, magnesium, and manganese. This is a picture of a chronic immune mediated disturbance of the body, and a long standing inflammatory process causing potassium being pulled from inside the muscle cells of the body. This produces generalized weakness as well as uveitis and allergies. Since our holistic Detoxification and Support Program has been initiated, the attending veterinarian has noted improvement in Patch's good eye and she is  "perkier" according to her owner. We still have a long way to go, but I'm confident she will get better with time and we may save that eye.


This is the story of a little 9 year old girl, "Grace" and her mare, "Starlet".

Not long after Grace was given her mare, "Starlet", the mare developed unresponsive Uveitis, (inflammation of the internal part of the eye) and blindness in this eye. She was taken to many veterinarians, including the Louisiana State University Vet School for numerous treatments both systemically and locally to the eye. One veterinarian injected the eyeball with steroids. Nothing helped, and Starlet" became blind in one eye and could not be ridden. Grace's parents became frustrated with the rising expenses and no improvement. At first they considered enucleation, but then decided on euthanasia.

Grace was devastated, she cried and cried. "Starlet" was her buddy, she loved her very much. It was then her mother, Kelley, found my website on the internet and asked for help. With an in depth consultation and after many weeks of treatment, "Starlet" regained her health and her vision.

Grace wrote me a moving thank you letter, and her mother made me this video to let others know there is hope.

We don't have to put these animals down.

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