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Heavy Metal Detox Nosode Formula (12x, 30C, 60C) - 250 tabs per bottle

Heavy Metal Detox Nosode Formula (12x, 30C, 60C) - 250 tabs per bottle Quantity in Basket: none
Code: DS1-001

Male or Female:
Male Organ Support Endocrine $60
Female Organ Support Endocrine $60
For deeper general body cleansing of commercial diet chemicals and heavy metals.

More Information:
• 250 tabs/bottle (each bottle set can treat 3 animals).
• Dosing schedule per bottle- 4 tablets 1-3 times daily for 21 doses. Rest one week between bottles.
• May be repeated as often as needed.
• Heavy Metal Detox Nosode Formula -Extended 3 bottle Set (100C, 200c, 400C), - 250 tabs Indications same as above but for animals 7 years old and above with more heavy metals depositions in tissues. MUST DETOX FIRST WITH 12X, 30C, 60C.
• Dr. Dodd highly recommends the Male/Female Organ Support/Endocrine Balance Stimulant 100C to be taken with any Detox Nosode.
• NOTE: Increase oral liquid intake ½ cup per 5lb. body weight per day during detox program to flush toxins.

My cat Mabelle got a lot of heavy metals in her because of the particularly unhealthy environment we had to live in for a year, 5 years ago. Which was confirmed by a hair analysis. I had tried and tried to find a way to help with this, as she went through times when she'd lose a lot of hair, become apathetic, come to me crying etc. etc. 2 1/2 years ago, a friend recommended I try Waiora, which I reluctantly did [I don't "believe in" chelation, it makes very little sense to me]. After 1 drop a day for a week, Mabelle's canine broke [I guess the calcium got chelated, too!], and after that I started my long wait for Godot.... Well, magic is magic and Godot actually came!!! 2-3 months ago, an email landed in my Inbox, from someone I didn't know, just informing me that she was a holistic vet and that she had a homeopathic treatment to remove heavy metals from pets. To this day I haven't a clue of who sent her my way, and, truth be told, I like suspecting every one of my friends to have done Mabelle and me such a great favor, so I don't inquire! I'm now at the tail end of the treatment, and let me tell you it has been a cat's resurrection. Her hair has grown back pretty much all over [when we started the treatment, even her ears were getting bald, have you ever seen a cat with a bald ear?] It's still a fluffy kind of hair [think of a newborn chick...]. She doesn't cry anymore [she has resumed her old demanding ways instead], she eats a lot [she had been getting rather skinny before the treatment, but isn't anymore] and I believe I now get good reports to the Cat Liberation Front. So, in case you encounter the same problem with your own furry friends, let me give you Mabelle's resurrection info. Her Fairy Godmother is Dr. Gloria Dodd, and you can contact her through her website that's definitely worth a visit, at www.holisticvetpetcare.net She can also be contacted directly at tel/fax (707) 785-9171. Love to you all, Viviane and Mabelle

Antimonium Crudum, HPUS, Manganum Aceticum, HPUS, Ornithogalum Umbellatum, HPUS, Kali Carbonicum, HPUS, Mezereum, HPUS, Hydrastis Canadensis, HPUS, Chlorinum, HPUS, Nux Vomica, HPUS, Silicea, HPUS, Arsenicum Metallicum, HPUS, Mercurius Solubilis, HPUS, Ferrum Metallicum, HPUS, Cadmium Metallicum, HPUS, Aluminium Metallicum, HPUS, Zincum Metallicum, HPUS, Cuprum Metallicum, HPUS, Selenium Metallicum, HPUS, Nicccolum Metallicum, HPUS, Lymph Sarcode, Vein Sarcode, Artery Sarcode , White Granulated Sugar Nosode, Analine Food Dyes Nosode, Ethoxyquin, plumbum metallicum

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